Re Italy Convention 2021 | RE ITALY

June 9, 2021
ACPV partner, Sara Busnelli, takes part to RE ITALY Convention 2021, joining the “Designing, building, marketing in the new normal” panel, on June 9.

Real Estate and Managed Savings companies meet to discuss the new trends and emerging needs in the real estate market.

The appointment will see the interaction between Statutory Auditors, Asset Management, Advisors, Analysts, Real Estate Funds, Investors, Credit Institutions, Legal, Real Estate Networks, Property and Facility Services, SIIQ, Developers, and Designers.


ACPV Panel “Designing, building, marketing in the new normal”, at 3.15pm

Paolo Pertici, CEO RE.MI.
Marco Plazzotta, Vice President Namira Sgr
Sara Busnelli, ACPV – Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Moderator Fabio Sottocornola, Journalist for Corriere della Sera