Illetta 11


January 31, 2024
Illetta by Antonio Citterio reinvents the coffee bar experience thanks to a revolutionary technology that guarantees exclusive customization, in line with the highest standards of design and sustainability.


An evolution of the first and eponymous illy-branded professional high-pressure coffee machine launched back in 1935, the new Illetta retains the iconic vertical bridge shape of its progenitor. It features an unmistakable design with a strong aesthetic appeal and technological features that guarantee excellent and consistent quality coffee, with the possibility of selecting special preparations.


Every single material was chosen for extended durability and to convey care in the quality of the details: from the body with aluminum sides, to the swivel cup trays to accommodate even filter coffee mugs, to the unmistakable red color of illy. Illetta was designed as the perfect synthesis of beauty, functionality and innovation.