April 18, 2018

Based on a research process that lasted for more than three years, Artusi 2.0 elaborates a system of culinary tools with innovative forms, dimensions and materials. The design encapsulates normality and refined creativity which bring a set of design qualities rooted in the knowledge of cooking norms and rituals.

Like the ingredients of a recipe, a cooking utensil is an essential part in the preparation of every dish, whether in the home or the professional kitchen. Just as every food has its cooking needs, every surface reacts to heat differently, revealing itself to be ideal for specific food preparation processes.

The research began with a careful study of the main cooking techniques, going on to identifying the requirements and the best materials for each preparation that cooking requires.

The design of Artusi 2.0 is driven by the aim of making the product range elegant, useful and functional without introducing new, unnecessary complexities to the processes of food preparation. The collection is conceived as a timeless creation that is ‘of the moment’ yet bears an appeal that last indefinitely, beyond the oscillations of tastes.

The result is Artusi 2.0: a set of specific utensils, optimized to perform its task. Each form and function corresponds to a different material necessity, resulting in a range of finishes: aluminum, copper, steel, carbon steel and cast iron.