Florius, Maxalto


January 31, 2024
At the start of this year, Maxalto presented the new chapters in the story started by Antonio Citterio in 1995. The new pieces enrich Maxalto’s timeless collection.


Florius, design by Antonio Citterio

Conceived to revive the tradition of the great upholsterers, the Florius sofa system is characterized, even at first glance, by a minimalist frame and a large number of cushions. Each seat has its own seat cushion – with the exception of the linear sofas which have a unique seat cushion – then the cushions that act as backrests and armrests, and the “throw” cushions, usually one for each seat, but that can be increased at customer’s discretion. The selection of modules available allows to create many different configurations: linear, corner, with one or two armrests, with ottoman or chaise lounge. In line with Maxalto’s usual attention to detail, the arrival of Florius is the occasion to launch a new fabric – a pinstripe fabric available in three colors.


Soleide, design by Antonio Citterio

The Soleide series of coffee tables and consoles feature a die-cast aluminum base and a top in hammered mirror steel that gives them a particularly original and precious effect. This is a brand-new finish that further enriches the Maxalto range. The coffee tables and the consoles come in different sizes.


Artemone, design by Antonio Citterio

The Artemone storage unit stems from Antonio Citterio’s desire to update the traditional dresser found in kitchens. It is available in different combinations of hinged doors and drawers, with or without flap down door, and can be fitted with shelves, pull-out trays and cutlery racks. The die-cast aluminum base has a minimal design and is separated from the upper part by a shadow gap of a few millimeters that makes the structure lighter and blurs the contrast between metal and wood.